My new mobile game: boxyrinth

2021-10-03 |

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a sokoban revamped board game in an alien sci-fi universe

I wrote this game mostly throughout 2020, along with the soundtrack recordings I made on my guitar. For me it was more of an exercise intended to train my skills on mobile programming using React Native and Expo and get some understanding about apps publishing process.

So, just on the last weekend I decided to pull it out of the drawer and make it public. Finally, it got approved by Google and published on Play Store:

[2] boxyrinth on Google Play Store

Sorry for those on iOS, but at the moment I have no good reason to give $100 per year just to get an Apple dev account and be able to publish my free game on their platform. Maybe, in the future, in case I have a product worth a few dollars and a likely audience to pay for it I might reconsider. :P


You woke up imprisoned on an alien starship. You better escape this place! But how? Move power cells into target-spots or pipes to activate energy portals and find your way out of this labyrinth.


The game is entirely free, including ad-free and is suitable for adults and children over 7 years old.

Tech Stack

The game was developed using:

[3] Typescript
[4] React Native
[5] Expo


The project sources are released under MIT License and can be found on GitHub:

[6] Source Code on GitHub

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