Oh My Commandventures!

Hey! My name is Antonio Prates and I write code.

Here you'll find the logs of my command-line adventures, mostly around:
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About Me

I'm a software engineer, working with highly distributed systems, using Scala back-end and React front-end. Sometimes I code in C or Python and other languages for fun - I have a few free open-source projects out there, currently being FatScript the most relevant one. As a hobby I play a few old rock songs on my guitar. A brazilian guy, living as digital nomad, for the moment.

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[2] 2023-08-16 The Laws of Robotics
[3] 2023-02-18 Interviewing ChatGPT
[4] 2022-12-06 Linux is probably not for you
[5] 2022-10-04 FatScript
[6] 2021-10-31 Layers of reality

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