Recovering myself from an accident

2021-08-18 |

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August of this year started in a strange way for me, because I had a motorbike accident, I broke my left knee and my right foot. Then I had to do two surgeries, had to stay for 10 days in the hospital, was quite rough, but now I am already recovering at home.

Back on the first week I wrote:
The bike skidded, but I was lucky. Yeah, lucky I was driving slowly, so it wasn't anything even more serious. Also because it didn't hurt anyone else aside from me. Lucky to have friends who were able to rescue me on the spot to take me to a hospital swiftly. Lucky for having a good hospital at my disposal and able to receive me despite the pandemic. Lucky to have a heroic companion who loves me and who is taking care of me. Lucky because despite not being able to walk (for now), I am lucid and perfectly aware. Lucky to receive so much love and support messages from friends and family. (…) I don't even know how to thank you for all of this and it fills me with joy that I will soon be walking again and will be able to be with each of you again.

There is a lot to learn from extreme situations like these. In exemple, trying to live your life without being so anxious about the future, training patience. Or, like trying to be more forgiving with yourself. And being grateful for the simple things we have in our life. Valuing the ones that stay by your side, by being kind, and tying to keep your heart light. Easy to say, hard to put in practice.

Aside from the ongoing travel restrictions of the everlasting covid pandemic - with alpha, beta, gamma, delta launch agenda - trying to look on the bright side of my accident imposed mobility limitations, I am managing to find some more time to handle some pet projects I had been postponing for a while, such as play around with my Raspberry Pi, learn some new programming skills and create this gemlog you are reading.

Stay tuned more contents shall follow :D

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